He can do the job just as well as the current one

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The campaign of Ham Sandwich for Commonwealth Attorney has generated a lot of discussion as this campaign gains momentum. Here are a few of the things said about this exciting campaign:

The Potomac News covered the campaign in a front-page article that was published on May 23rd:

Move over Mickey Mouse, Ham Sandwich is working on a write-in campaign.

Prince William area Republicans didn't offer a candidate for Commonwealth's Attorney this year, but that hasn't stopped a conservative write-in campaign for Hamilton "Ham" Sandwich, Esq. (read the full article)

Ham Sandwich received attention from National Public Radio on May 19th, when Peter Sagal, host of "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me" asked Houston Chronicle deputy editor Kyrie O'Conner about Ham Sandwich's campaign. Sadly, she didn't know about Ham Sandwich, but Peter was kind enough to provide listeners with the name of this website and breifly describe Ham's qualifications for office. You can listen to the program at the NPR website here. The mention of the Ham Sandwich campaign comes during the "Lightning Fill In The Blank" portion of the show. Due to copyright concerns, we are unable to provide an excerpt.

A prominent Northern Virginia blog, NovaTownHall has endorsed Ham Sandwich for Prince William County Commonwealth Attorney.

Although we maintain an attitude of objectivity and independence here at the NVTH Blog, usually choosing to endorse candidates individually based on our diverse interests, I am pleased to report that the NVTH bloggers have conferred and agreed to a corporate endorsement of Hamilton 'Ham' Sandwich, Esq., for Prince William County Commonwealth Attorney.

Because of the early date this endorsement is totally unprecedented.

NOVA TownHall's Joe Budzinski said "While the opponent offers interesting credentials, we strongly believe Ham Sandwich - particularly with a little spicy mustard - presents an overwhelmingly superior alternative."

Jim Riley raised the idea of Ham Sandwich's campaign:

Ebert is one of only four PWC-based Democrat officeholders remaining — State Sen. Chuck Colgan and Supervisors John Jenkins and Hilda Barg being the others (a fifth Democrat, State Sen. Toddy Puller represents part of PWC, but does not live in the county.) I don’t know why Ebert hasn’t looked into this case, whether he is just turning a blind eye or this is part of his overall record of incompetence over the years (he is the one who botched the prosecutions of both John and Lorena Bobbit and recently blew one case I am familiar with because his office let the statute of limitations lapse before bringing an indictment — that is amature hour.)

Now, Ebert did manage to get the death penalty for the D.C. Sniper, John Allen Muhammad. However, in a reverse of the old legal saying that a prosecutor could indict a ham sandwich if he wanted to, in the D.C. Sniper case a ham sandwich could have won a death penalty conviction for Muhammad.

Hmmmm…. Perhaps as the PWC GOP ramps up for the ‘07 campaign, we should float the following candidate against Ebert: Ham Sandwich for PWC Commonwealth’s Attorney

Greg L over at Black Velvet Bruce Li had this to say about Ham's possible candidacy:

There’s a new political movement growing in Prince William County. Frustrated with ineffective prosecutions, rumors of political corruption, and the apparent failure of anyone to run against the current officeholder, a write-in campaign is being discussed to find an alternative to having Paul Ebert continue to serve as Prince William County’s Commonwealth Attorney. The write-in candidate appears to have at least the level of ability as the current office holder, and an easily recognizable name which will not only be easy to remember, but to spell. Who is this challenger, you may ask? Ham Sandwich.

Leslie Carbone compares the debates request with President Jimmy Carter's refusal to confront John Anderson:

Prince William County Commonwealth's Attorney Paul Ebert is facing a dilemma similar to Jimmy Carter's. The incumbent's write-in opponent, Hamilton "Ham" Sandwich, has challenged him to a debate. Will Paul Ebert debate Ham Sandwich? Or will he follow Jimmy Carter's strategy, and refuse to acknowledge Ham Sandwich as a worthy opponent? How did that legitimater-than-thou position work for President Carter? Just some food for thought.

Bearing Drift, down in the Hampton Roads area finds this race interesting:

Paul Ebert, the long-time Commonwealth’s Attorney in Prince William County (since 1968…now that’s a long time) is getting a challenger of un-repudiated qualities: Hamilton “Ham” Sandwich, Esq. The Sandwich write-in campaign believes that Ham can do just as good a job as the incumbent. They note that Ebert failed convictions for Lorena Bobbit and John Boyd Malvo, and engages in political cronyism — something Ham is incapable of.

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