He can do the job just as well as the current one

Paul Ebert has served as Prince William Commonwealth Attorney since 1968 and is running for an eleventh term at what he calls "an enjoyable vocation". Some of his notable accomplishments include:

  • Successful prosecution of John Allen Mohammed in 2003, who Ham Sandwich could have also successfully prosecuted.
  • Failure to prosecute Lee Boyd Malvo, something Ham Sandwich could have easily done.
  • Failure to obtain a conviction of Lorena Bobbit, which Ham Sandwich certinly could have done as well.
  • Failure to obtain a conviction of John Bobbit, certainly something Ham Sandwich could have done.
  • 'Nolle Prossed' Steve Chapman on charges of voting fraud, something Ham Sandwich easily could have done.
You can easily see a common thread here. During his past ten terms in office, Paul Ebert offers nothing beyond what the much-loved Ham Sandwich is clearly capable of doing. It's time to hand this job over to the real deal here. Write in "Ham Sandwich" for Commonwealth Attorney this November!

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