He can do the job just as well as the current one

The Agitator

"A political pork project I can endorse..." (more...)

Virginia Virtucon

"Virginia Virtucon has endorsed Ham Sandwich for Prince William County Commonwealth’s Attorney and strongly supports the write-in effort on behalf of his campaign." (more...)


"Although we maintain an attitude of objectivity and independence here at the NVTH Blog, usually choosing to endorse candidates individually based on our diverse interests, I am pleased to report that the NVTH bloggers have conferred and agreed to a corporate endorsement of Hamilton 'Ham' Sandwich, Esq., for Prince William County Commonwealth Attorney." (more...)

Raising Ham

"Ham can win this one. If he does, we could end up improving the quality of our elected representatives by quite a bit. The threat of a challenge by Ham Sandwich in subsequent races might well get long-term incumbents to actually work for the privilege of being re-elected. And the voters would come out ahead by quite a bit." (more...)

Price Of Freedom

"Stop the pork in politics -- VOTE HAM!" (more...)

The durnMoose

"finally a candidate we know we can trust… ham sandwich sounds like someone who knows exactly who he is and what he is about and isn’t trying to hide it… now if we could just get someone like that to run in the presidential election… hmmm…" more...)

Not paid for or authorized by any candidate